Iron Curtain Jr.

February 20, 2013

We now offer a single tank Iron Filter, the Iron Curtain Jr.  For lower iron and sulfur odor applications, this piece of equipment can offer great water, save space and costs less.

Chromium issues in tap water.

December 21, 2010

Questions have once again been raised about high levels of chromium in tap water.  Dalee Water offers the Millenium Reverse Osmosis System to significantly reduce this contaminant and is certified to do so by NSF/ANSI Standard 58.  Visit for more info or call 262-473-5524.

“Saltless Water Softeners”

February 25, 2010

There are lots of advertisements on the internet now about water softeners that do not use salt.  Some use a just a resin tank, a magnet, or an electrical device that is connected to your plumbing.  Our take is that none of their claims have been certified by a reputable organization that they work.  The theory is that their systems isolate the hardness in the water so that it does not scale.  Soft water means that the hardness is removed from the water and these systems do not do that so they cannot be called a water softener.  Hellenbrand has tested these systems rigorously in their lab and none of them have proven to work at all.  Bottom line, it they did work we would be selling them.

Salt Delivery Specials

February 20, 2010

Sign up for water softener salt delivery and get 2 bags free when you order 2.

Hellenbrand Iron Curtain Info and Maintenance

February 20, 2010

The Iron Curtain is the standard in the industry for heavy iron and hydrogen sulfide removal in residential and commercial settings.  There are different models available.  One with a mechanical timer and 3/4″ valve vs. the newest version with electronic circuit board timer and a 1″ valve.  The Pro Mate 6 has it’s advantages, higher flow rates through the 1″ valve, electronic monitoring and even running on demand with a meter just like a softener, a compressor that is mounted on the air tank versus the control valve to reduce vibration and noise, and the vortech plate for better backwashing and less water used.  Dalee Water uses the Pro Mate 6 Iron Curtain 2.0. 

Like all iron filters, the Iron Curtain needs maintenance to keep it performing at an efficient level and to prolong the life of the filter.  Depending on the water type, annual or bi-annual cleanings should be done.  Our customers receive a phone call and postcard reminding them to schedule the maintenance.  Our rental customers do not pay extra for this service.  Our systems range from $35-$40 per month depending on the size of the system.  Customers who own their equipment pay $85.00 for the cleaning.

Drinking Water

February 10, 2010

A reverse osmosis system in the home provides convenience, safe, great tasting water and it can save you money.  It is important to have a reputable water treatment company to provide service for the system.  Systems purchased from big box stores may have a lower sticker price, but they do not provide the same quality water day in and day out, do not have a long lasting warranty, require a lot more maintenance, and waste much more water to make good water.  They also have many leak points in the system.  A rental option is often the best solution.  Dalee Water offers an affordable monthly payment of $19.95, which is often much less than what a typical family spends in a month on bottled water.  We provide annual filter changes and sanitization of the system with no extra charge, plus if there is ever a problem, there is no service call fee or charges for any parts needed for repair.  A reverse osmosis system provides an endless supply of purified water, it’s convenient, and is safe, but only when serviced on a regular basis.  We find more and more contaminants every year in our water supply.  Drinking tap water is becoming less of a safe option for all of us.

Trade In Your Old Water Softener

February 9, 2010

Dalee Water is offering a $100 trade-in toward a new Hellenbrand Pro Mate 6.0 water softener. Not sure if you’re old softener is working or not? Call today for a free water analysis and system check up. Visit us at

Hello world!

February 9, 2010

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